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Grove - I2C Color Sensor V2:RGB LED Control


The Grove - I2C Color Sensor V2 can recognize different colors and then drive the lamp lighting in blue, green, yellow, orange and red accordingly

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The Grove - I2C Color Sensor V2 can recognize different colors and then drive the lamp lighting in blue, green, yellow, orange and red accordingly


  • Recognize different colors: Enables accurate color and light sensing measurements under varying lighting conditions
  • Maskable interrupt: Programmable interrupt function with User-Defined Upper and lower threshold settings
  • Low power - 2.5μA sleep state: Enabling a low-power wait-state between RGBC measurements to reduce average power consumption
  • Digital output: 16-Bit digital output with I2C at 400 kHz
  • Grove unified socket: The product ensures "Plug and Play" and could be versatile for various applications of Grove


This is an updated version of the Grove - I2C Color Sensor module. The new version is based on the color sensor TCS34725FN with digital output I2C. We also changed the circuit's layout based on the new sensor. Based on the 3*4 array of filtered photodiodes and 16-bits analog-to-digital converters, you can gain the color chromaticity of ambient light or the color of objects. Of the 16 photodiodes, 4 have red filters, 4 have green filters, 4 have blue filters and 4 have no filter(clear). With the synchronization input pin, external pulsed light source can provides precise synchronous conversion control.

This module can be used to detect the color of light source or the color of objects. When used to detect the color of the light source, the led switch should be turned off, and the light source should shine the sensor directly. When used to detect the color of things, the led should be on and you should put the object on the top of the enclosure closely. The theory of sensing the color of objects is Reflective Sensing Theory. Like the picture below.

What is Grove?

We have developed more than 400 Grove modules, covering a wide range of applications that can fulfil various needs. Click to explore the Grove Sensor family and get started to Grove your Idea. For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you with guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your use of the product.

One More Thing

With the SenseCAP S2110 controller and S2100 data logger, you can easily turn the Grove into a LoRaWAN® sensor. Seeed not only helps you with prototyping but also offers you the possibility to expand your project with the SenseCAP series of robust industrial sensors.

The IP66 housing, Bluetooth configuration, compatibility with the global LoRaWAN® network, built-in 19 Ah battery, and powerful support from APP make the SenseCAP S210x the best choice for industrial applications. The series includes sensors for soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, light intensity, CO2, EC, and an 8-in-1 weather station. Try the latest SenseCAP S210x for your next successful industrial project.


  • RGB LED backlight control
  • Light color temperature measurement
  • Ambient light sensing for display backlight control
  • Fluid and gas analysis
  • Product color verification and sorting

End Products and Market Segments

  • TVs, mobile handsets, tablets, computers, and monitors
  • Consumer and commercial printing
  • Medical and health fitness
  • Solid state lighting (SSL) and digital signage
  • Industrial automation


Dimensions 42mm x23mm x10mm
Weight G.W 11g
Battery Exclude
Supply Voltage 3.3/5V
Operating temperature range -40℃ to 85℃
Interface I2C

Part List

Grove - I2C Color Sensor V2 1
Grove Cable 1


HSCODE 9031900090
USHSCODE 9026104000
UPC 841454120193
EUHSCODE 9013101000
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1



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