Finally, 2008 is about to end. Forget the many terrible events, a fresh new year is about to come, which is called Bull year in Chinese zodiac. Bull symbolizes strong will and up trend, which we would stick to. “6” pronouces the same as bull(牛) in Chinese, to collect the good energy, all orders till Jan 1st would be 6% off! ^_____^

Got quite some interesting stuff since last blog, check some of them out here. More discounted products on our DEPOT!

nRF24L01 2.4Ghz RF module, transfer speed up to 2Mbps! 100m open air distance.

4 channel Video capturing module with SD card, controllable with Arduino

Many people asked about… Dual axis Gyroscope

A valuable GPS module with 2.54 pin output, you may mount them directly to RX ports.

And finally: 125kHz Reader modules:

Note:  to help receiving the goods before Chrismas vacation, the order would be better made before Dec 8th.

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