New products from JYE tech

Multiple Usage Programing Adapter

● Compatible with AVR STK200 programming interface
● Compatible with Altera ByteBlasterMV cable for FPGA/CPLD programming
● Can be used to program C8051 MCUs with software from Dilogic ( (Tested)
● Compatible with Wiggler for ARM programming/emulating
● Can be used to program AVR MCUs with software from ELM (

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Capacitance Meter Kit

● About 1% accuracy
● Measure range: 1pF – 500uF
● Automatic range switch
● Zeroing available
● Real time serial output of measurement read-outs with time stamp
● Low cost and easy to build
This is a simple but very useful capacitance meter. New version fixed design errors in previous version and came with several improvements:
● Improved PCB layout.
● Added popular DC jack for easy connection of power supply.
● Added switch. This is desirable when running on battery.
● Added mounting holes.
● Polarity marked out.
● Smaller size.

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