Seeed studio Anniversary!

When time comes to 8th july,2009, the anniversary of seeedstudio has arrived. It is a great time for both us’cause all order in our Depot will be 30% discount for 3 days! We have created a Coupon Code: 07082008, Use it before checking out. Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Seeed studio Anniversary!

  1. v2.0 appear as sold out too.

    Can I add the sd shield to my actual order? how can I pay the difference?

    My username in the store is erwinried at hotmail

  2. Cool!!!!

    Seeedstudio is by far my preferred electronic store.

    I was to buy using my paypal on my account and with a friend’s one because I didn’t know about the one coupon by user limitation thus I want get 2 shipments by splitted by size. I hope that’s ok.

    Too bad that SD shield is sold out 🙁 🙁

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