4*4*4 Rainbow Cube, the ultimate form

It’s a long time development for the new cube, we finally have some satisfying result now. Here is the final prototype, almost the same as releasing version. You will see we changed to 8mm foggy RGB LED instead of SMD ones,  increased the dimension beyond Rainbowduino. Most of the assembly difficulties are bypassed by the slim PCBs,

You will be able to get kits from depot soon, with or without Rainbowduino. : )

13 thoughts on “4*4*4 Rainbow Cube, the ultimate form

  1. I had been checking the Seeed Depot daily for months in anticipation of this finally being shipped.

    Well worth the wait, Seeed!

    I have yet to heat up the iron, but the quality of the parts is amazing. The PCB for the matrix is neatly thin and the base is bulletproof. The LEDs are big and hazy; can’t wait to see what they look like lit up!

    Hey Seeed – Some sort of shield to combine this kit to make an 8×8 would be an awesome treat for Summer! Thanks! ~bcanon

  2. This looks a lot like the Hypnocube. The Hypnocube uses wire bus bars instead of thin PCBs (a jig is recommended for assembly).

    What sort of software will you have for display? The Hypnocube comes with a nice library of 3D patterns.

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