Which PCB color do you prefer?

Most of the custom boards made by Seeed Studio was born red, red has became a symbol of Seeed Studio products. But monotonous color is not a good idea for us, why not make PCB colorful? Let’s vote for your preferred PCB color now!

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  1. Fiz says:

    Color is subjective. Best is to have the sample pcb made with different colors then only the obvious is clear for a poll.

  2. ewertz says:

    I also prefer the red. When I see red, I think Seeed Studio first.

    Why would you change it? It’s not like red is unlucky. I mean, if it’s not red, it’s going to be jade, right? Are there more than two colors in China…? :-)

  3. Justblair says:

    I think red is the colour. Its already distinctive and I think the alternates are already in use elsewhere.

    Sure Electronics uses black PCBs, Green are all over.

    Don’t think I have seen yellow, but red goes well with shiny things (ie contacts pads and pins.)

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