Which PCB color do you prefer?

Most of the custom boards made by Seeed Studio was born red, red has became a symbol of Seeed Studio products. But monotonous color is not a good idea for us, why not make PCB colorful? Let’s vote for your preferred PCB color now!

12 thoughts on “Which PCB color do you prefer?

  1. Color is subjective. Best is to have the sample pcb made with different colors then only the obvious is clear for a poll.

  2. I also prefer the red. When I see red, I think Seeed Studio first.

    Why would you change it? It’s not like red is unlucky. I mean, if it’s not red, it’s going to be jade, right? Are there more than two colors in China…? :-)

  3. I think red is the colour. Its already distinctive and I think the alternates are already in use elsewhere.

    Sure Electronics uses black PCBs, Green are all over.

    Don’t think I have seen yellow, but red goes well with shiny things (ie contacts pads and pins.)

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