Blizzard halts mail delivery

Due to the Blizzard attack at part of areas in US and EU, some flights were cancelled, parcel processing might delayed until it backed to normal. Meanwhile, it is the end of the year, we just had a nice christmas, new year party, and now the spring festival is coming. All these festival will generate large amount of mails, which will make HongKong post office extremely busy.

By the way, many people were asking about the difference between Free shipping and Air mail. Actually all order over 50USD from our depot will get free shipping service, their orders will be shipped with HK post air mail, both with tracking number. It sounds like a perfect way,  you can get item from us with good quality, amazing price and free shipping! But my suggestion is: Please choose couriers like DHL or FedEX for faster delivering if you are in hurry, or you can just use the cheap air mail. Probably you will find it’s very slow, but do not worry. If your order by air mail is notified as “shipped” for 30 days without reception, please contact your post office and notify us. We will follow up closely to track the parcel, and refund/ reship in the worst case.

So, please, before you get angry, just have a little more patient.

All the best

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4 thoughts on “Blizzard halts mail delivery

  1. Ah. I think then the problem is that some people (me included) believe that the “regular” shipping has some value over “free” shipping, like speed or tracking.

    I would recommend either removing the Air Mail option when an order qualifies for free, or changing the text for “Free” to say “Free — same as Air Mail, but FREE ! :-)”

    Thank you for the response.

  2. When your order is over 50USD, you should be able to see the free shipping option, and actually this will be the default option if your order is over 50. But some customers choosed to pay for it…

  3. Fan, this is the first time that a few of us have heard about the “over 50USD from our depot will get free shipping service”. Is this a new policy, because all my orders have been over $50 and I have paid extra for the shipping upgrade?


  4. You guys are an incredible company with loads of innovation put to practice.

    Keep up the great work.

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