Logic sniffer status update


Logic sniffer under testing, shipping will start on next monday.

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21 thoughts on “Logic sniffer status update

  1. Shipped 22th of April, arrived today : 28 days to Switzerland.
    Now I have to learn how to use it 🙂

  2. My Logic sniffer arrived yesterday.
    It’s needed about 3 weeks transporting time to Germany.

  3. I have a suggestion. Please email before shipping and wait for an order update (maybe just 24 hours ?).

    If I had been able to amend my order I would have added the two test leads. These were not available when I made my initial order. Now I have to order them again and wait :-(.
    It would have been very helpful of me to have got a notice that shipping was coming up soon – and allow me to amend my order to add more items.
    Thanks for listening.

  4. Just connect BP3 up and used Sump Client to sample
    5 channels. Works great. I guess my Sniffer is Snuffed?

  5. I have channels 0-3 connected to Pic16F873 running 5V.
    Counter on portb. Leds show status by flashing.
    About a 1mS counter on the 8 bits of B.
    All other inputs left open.

    I am set up sampling just the lower 8 bits and
    triggering on B0 High.

    The Logic Sniffer shows Arm Led ON, both Trig and Arm are RED Leds on my board.

    All traces show 0, even if I put one to 5V?

    A few weeks ago I got Sump to work on Bus Pirate.

    Also, the BOTTOM Trace is Labeled “B0” and shows
    High and Low lines and says “00” in the middle.

    I also see a Green Vertical line that starts before Zero time, which is probably the trigger.

    So, something is dead.

    I guess I need to send it back?

    I will re-connect Bus Pirate to the same setup first.

    Can I attach a windows screen shot to this Message? I could capture the LS screen for inspection.


    Mike, Have big Sniffing problem.

  6. Ok, Got it! The inf file is in its own folder.
    I was trying to point to the file. I let it search after selecting the folder and it found the file.
    Sorry for the panic, sleeping on it helped!

    I got a pic going on Portb as a counter.
    My first look at eight signals!

    By the way, took about 2 weeks delivery to So. Calif.

  7. Searched Microchip for an hour, can’t figure out how to find the USB driver. I would like it for XP and Vista?
    Anyone done this?


  8. I got the Sniffer today (May 11th).
    Sad but can’t figure out where the driver is for the USB?
    Gave up for now. What a simple problem and how frustrating?

    I watched the video on gadget factory, but need to know the name and where the heck is the USB Driver?


  9. Today I got an email that my order status change to shipped.
    When I ordered there are 400-500 peaces in stock.
    That’s for information.

  10. OK, So I pre-ordered one back in March and I got the “Your item has shipped” email on the 22nd. The HK Post web site really tells you nothing (it never can find my tracking number). I still haven’t received it yet.

    I’m not complaining, but I’d really like to know how long it should take for this to get to NYC. I don’t have a lot of experience having things shipped from Hong Kong, so I’m not sure what is typical. Can anyone share their experience?

    – Ed

  11. The Shop says 270 in Stock, but my order for two of the devices just received the new status “Backorder” very funny haha

  12. Thanks for the status!

    I go to my PO Box every day now!
    Like a kid waiting for Christmas!

    Patience is a virtue!


  13. So, what actual date would that be? The use of “next” in this context is kind of ambiguous to me.

    Do you mean April 19th?

  14. YeeeHaaa

    I am waiting for mine, on Apriil 14th will be my birthday and this is a good present.

    Only pity is that it is not very well designed to be boxed, not enough fixing points but anyway a great device… I hope 😉

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