Special offer every weekend

Here is a good news for all of you, we are going to have 3 products on special every saturday and sunday from this weekend. This week we will give off 20 Rainbowduinos, 20 RGB matrixs and 5 Rainbow cubes. The price will be at:

Rainbowduino (With Atmega 328p) : $16.5 / PC  (Original price $24.9)

RGB matrix: $13 / PC (Original price $23.5)

RGB CUBE: $50 / KIT (Original price $80)

The promotion will start on June 19th, 0:00 AM  -700GMT,  ends on 20th, 24:00 PM -700GMT.

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4 thoughts on “Special offer every weekend

  1. The price will back to regular price when 20 units were sold. Hope you will catch the special next weekend!

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