Rainbowduino extension board v1.0b

Rainbowduino is a powerful and easy to use LED driver platform, you can easily light up a 8X8 RGB matrix with few steps, or control up to 192 LEDs by breaking out all pins on rainbowduino. But there’s still difficulties for a amateur to finish these in short time, and we want to make things easier, that’s why we built this Rainbowduino Extension Board.

The extension board can be easily stack on a rainbowduino, and we break out all pins to 3X8x8 area. We also added  eye catching silk screen on PCB so you can easily find out where you should get started.

Below is a demo video of Rainbowduino extension board with red, green and blue leds soldered.

This extension board will come out in kits, including the PCB and necessary pin headers. Those LEDs shows in picture will not be included.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

8 thoughts on “Rainbowduino extension board v1.0b

  1. Bill:

    Why not make this drive 3 8×8 single-color matrices instead of individual LEDs?
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    This actually gives you 3 8×8 matrices. or one big 24×8 matrix. one way or the other, you need a way to drive the individual LED’s thats what the rainbowduino is for.

  2. I agree, sell it without LEDs, but do sell LEDs in sets of 64, RGB + violet, yellow, and other funky colors.

    I think we’d prefer to order through SEEED whenever possible, rather than going to other vendors!

  3. Looks great, I’d opt for no LED’s in the kit, as this would be nice for a message(24×8) display(with some minor tweeking of the firmware) in which case you’d want it with LED’s all of the same colour. Also making a pattern of diferent colours LED might be nifty for a light effect. adding LED’s to the kit would only bring up the price. if Seeed would sell bags of 64 LED’s in a bag of diferent colours however that would be good for people who DO want it the way displayed 😉

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