New category added to depot

We’ve added a new category called ‘weekend sale’  to our depot, and you will find many interesting stuff here with amazing low price during every weekend.


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9 thoughts on “New category added to depot

  1. Not sure if you would be interested in knowing or not, but here is my top 5 of things I am interested in when I look at these sales.

    From 1 to 5 where 1 is most interesting.

    1: Bricks/Shields
    2: Sensors
    3: Mechanical (switch, enclosure, connector, and so on)
    4: Cables
    5: Controllers

    1. Hey guys, i was not at office entire last week, and i was busy with some personal affairs. Sorry about nothing on special last weekend, i am sure there will be more on sale this weekend.

  2. I like the idea of the category, it makes it easier to see. But can you still post a blog entry for the sale — it builds up excitement! I know I check the blog religiously on Saturday mornings to see what you have!


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