New Temperature&Humidity sensor available

A Temperature&Humidity meter is a must have tool for us. Especially when we are living in coastal city like Shenzhen, the weather is too hot, the humidity is always too high and makes us feel uncomfortable. the most importantly, i don’t want my DSLR to be damaged by mildew. The Temperature&Humidity meter will tell you if you are in the right situation or not. If the humidity is higher than 50, personally i will turn on my dehumidifier, or turn on air conditioner when temperature is over 25 degree.

This is a easy to use Temperature&Humidity sensor which is compatible with electronic brick. You can easily connect it to your arduino and start measuring the environment. With this sensor you can easily create your own digital Temperature&Humidity sensor, or  use the sensor with your ‘Smart Home’ project.

(Please note that the sensor has a measuring range from Humidity 20~90% RH temperature 0~50°, That means it might not working properly in winter)

  • Relative Humidity and temperature measurement
  • Full range temperature compensation Calibrated
  • digital signal
  • Long term stability
  • Long transmission distance
  • Low power consumption


Get it here!

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1 thought on “New Temperature&Humidity sensor available

  1. I’m very disappointed that it can’t work below 0C. That makes it fairly useless for a lot of monitoring devices. Is this a “hard” limitation (in the hardware) or is it something that can be solved in a firmware upgrade?


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