FILMs hate to wait another week

Sorry for keeping you waiting, but we have faced many failures and defects while bringing Seeeduino FILM from idea to prototype to mass production. We can’t say they are satisfying, which needs you to test and let us know the feedback, but they are much stronger than previous sent samples, and much easier to use. Check below cheatsheet for a glance:

Seeeduino FILM is an Arduino compatible development platform for space-sensitive projects. It’s flexible, super slim and equipped built-in Li-Po charger, suitable to build wearable applications. FILM and other extension FRAMEs could be simply connected via the 20p universal bus like a chain, native 2.54mm pitch pins also enables quick prototyping.

l  Arduino compatible

l  Flexible

l  Ultra small/slim form factor

l  Transform by cutting and chaining

l  Full functional Atmega168

l  0.1” pitch pad breakout

l  20pin daisy-chain flex bus

l  UartSB programming compatible

l  Built-in charger circuit

l  Reinforced to increase endurance

The FPCs were ready last week and under assembly now. If no big issue, you will see them in stock next week!

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