What Is Saluted Has-to-be-made-available!

“Note is a vote to right products.”

Vise versa, can votes also become notes by helping the right products made right? Yes.

We have a long queue of projects and products, they deserve your opinions to breed in different priorities. Your comments could also help us to consider things in complete perspectives. In return of your inputs, comments, we should send credits to appreciate the sharing. Credits could be exchanged to coupon in our depot to purchase the “wished” products or any other commodity and services.

In our fusion kits services, designers could make and distribute projects via us, like we illustrated earlier of “Open source hardware, a propaganda way“. But it’s an adventure too for designers to evaluate the investment and community interests, funds also hinders potential innovations.

So we cooked “What Is Saluted Has-to-be-made-available”, aka WISH. It is a platform to post open hardware projects and ideas to get community support. Not only we will publish our development queues, it’s also open to everybody to publish their projects and ideas. The publisher receiving votes will accumulate credits for further development using our FUSION PCB and FUSION Kits services. We will also provide as much resource as possible to help selected projects in design, sourcing and etc.

We wish to use WISH to better facilitate open source hardware projects, yet it is still a shabby draft, it needs your inputs and we will make it better!

To Wrap up the initial functions:

Gauge demand
Collect people’s love, and decide how far it would go.
Engage with audience
Discuss and hear suggestions from different background, meet potential partners.
Fund prototyping
According to the vote, SEEED will support with fund and free consultant services.

Vote a wish
A popular project deserves to be made, cast your vote for a wish.
Share insights
Involve earlier or later, you are part of wonderful community-based innovations!
Receive gratitude
Get appreciation from SEEED and designer for bringing up the inspiration.

Entrance here: wish.seeedstudio.com

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4 thoughts on “What Is Saluted Has-to-be-made-available!

  1. I attached a sheet of rubber magnet material to the back of my DSO Nano to allow it to be quickly mounted to a relay rack or steel chassis while making measurements. This keeps the scope in place and prevents the probe cable from dragging it around.
    I’d like to see mounting magnets built into the back of the case for the Quad!

  2. Awesome design. Would be interested to see the specification for analog sample rates and what sort of range you will achieve?
    Also wondering where you found the wrist strap casing?

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