For a long time, we are not comfortable with current electronic bricks,

  • It shall Not need 5 different types of cables
  • It shall Not have such a huge connector
  • It shall have unified form factor
  • It shall be able combining with other not only by cables
  • It shall be well designed in customers’ view
  • It demands rich documentation and tutorial

Now, it is time to change.

Thank you guys for the inputs on new connector, we finally abandoned 3.5mm Audio Jack way, they could only be found in the coming beta OLED modules. And, here is the new idea:

The new system is consisted of stem and twig. Stems are interface board/shields to enable different platform (starting from Arduino of course) to be able to use different modules. Twigs are the modules (previously bricks) illustrated above. You may find unified naming like these:
  • Stem – Basic Shield v0.9b
  • Stem – Mega Shield v0.9b
  • Stem – Frame Extension v0.9b
  • Stem – BEE Wing v0.9b
  • Twig – 16*2 Uart LCD v0.9b
  • Twig – Gas Sensing v0.9b
  • Twig – Accelerometer v0.9b
  • Twig – I2C 3-axis Gyro v0.9b
  • Twig – Photo Sensing v0.9b

The new design is under validation, and you will see the starter’s bundle probably within this month.




make a WISH for your most wanted twig or stem…

A LOGO? Also some illustration arts later…

Thanks! 😉

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