It’s amazing that we received almost 3 dozens of design from 24 designers, and lots of them really look outstanding! Thank you guys for the submissions!

The Winner is: Anton Maurovic

Prize:  DSO Quad X1

There’s only 1 winner, but the rest submissions are also great! Let’s check them out:

Designer: Ante Vukorepa

Designer:  Erwin Ried

Designer: Laurence Stant

Designer: Oliver Eybel

Designer: Sam Thongrong

Designer: Sandro Benigno

Designer: Shinichi Kimura

Designer: Alex Jaz-Z

Designer: Alexey Taber

Designer: Артём Попов

Designer: Bradley Poelstra

Designer: Chris Wundram

Designer: Chris bonsema

Designer: Dave Kinney

Designer: David Williams

Designer: Eric Flynn

Designer: Frank Zhao

Designer: Greg Davill

Designer: Hibeamz coe

Designer: Nicholas Amrich

Designer: Patrick mccabe

Designer: Samantha Senn

Thanks again for all the submissions!

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