DSO Quad on its way to Seeed Studio, pioneer sample arrived

Many customers were asking for the shipping date of DSO Quad,  i promised we will start  shipping them on Mar 29th. I said this because the manufacturing company promised us to send 50 sets as pioneer batch, we wait and wait, finally we got 2 samples this morning. (Yes, only 2!) I really don’t want to blame anyone else but this is absolutely frustrating.  I have to say sorry for breaking my words, and i really hope i didn’t.

Now we will start testing these samples received and send feedbacks to the factory, i can’t tell the accurate shipping date but i will post any updates here if possible. if any of you want to cancel your order, just drop a mail to fan(at)seeedstudio.com. I will be pleased to help you with the cancellation.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

11 thoughts on “DSO Quad on its way to Seeed Studio, pioneer sample arrived

  1. Sorry it should be “ITS” with no apostrophe.
    With an apostrophe, “it’s” means “it is” or “it has.”

  2. Also thanks for the information.
    Take your time. We have waitet a lot of time. A week or two dont make a difference. I am happy that you have received at least 2 samples for testing. Just keep us informed

  3. Thanks for the news.
    It’s hard to wait wait wait.
    We all hope the feebback will be good and the 298 others will rapidly follow this two.

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