DSO Quad is ready to ship!

Finally DSO Quad is ready to ship now! According to our schedule, we will start shipping DSO Quad from Apr, 4Th. But please understand not all order can be processed in 24 hours, we will try our best to ship all DSO Quads out as soon as possible.

Here we would like to thank all the people who purchased DSO Quad and waited 3 months, thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

By the way, you should be able to find a coupon code when the box is opened, use it to get free probe in our store. Please keep your eyes on our blog, or follow us on twitter.com/seeedstudio .  We will blog/twit it once we have the probes.

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62 thoughts on “DSO Quad is ready to ship!

  1. Ok, Got mine today. NO Manual, just two analog probes, the coupon, the battery and the unit. How do I open the thing up to insert the battery? Waited tooooo long to guess and break the case.

  2. I plugged mine in to usps.com and got the same info. Left Singapore 10 days ago. No more info than the Singapore Post.

    Maybe it will arrive today. Waiting….. 🙂

  3. You can actually take it totally literally. Your DSO is in transit from HK to your local post. If you’re in the US you can go to http://www.usps.com and enter that tracking number and find a bit more detail. If you’re not in the US I’ll bet your local postal carrier will be able to do something similar.

  4. What is this?
    “The item (RT090306088HK) left Hong Kong for its destination on 18-Apr-2011”

    Is it mean, my DSO arrived to the local post, or what?

  5. Way Hay mine arrived to day 🙂 very happy bunny. Only one issue though i don’t have a USB cable in my box. Was it supposed to come with one or are we expected to supply our own ? did any one else have one ?


  6. @Kabron

    It looks like your number is not in the system yet.
    Just wait a day or two until the system is updated.
    Your track# should appear then.

  7. At last I received my tracking number.
    But when I enter it in Mail Tracking form at Hongkong post, I receive the following answer:

    “To promptly retrieve the record of your item, please key in your Enquiry Reference Number (if available), for example, 05000123A:
    Or please provide the item number, enquiry reference number (if available), details of sender, addressee and contact information by fax to Mail Tracing Office at (852) 2868 4723. You can also email or call our Mail Tracing Office at (852) 2921 2211 during office hours. ”

    What does it mean and what is this “enquiry reference number”?

  8. My order to New Zealand is still sitting “backordered” too. It is now a week and a half since shipping was announced to have begun, I’m getting twitchy!

  9. Trevor:

    Sounds like there are no probes included? Makes it a bit difficult to play with. What probes are compatible with it? I would like to make sure I can use it when it gets here!
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    There are 2 probes included. People can get other 2 free probes later with the coupon code provided in package.

  10. Ohh dear what is going on with Seeed and quality control, after all it is not like they 10,000 units to test or ship, just a few advanced sales. You would like to think they could at least make sure they where working before leaving. Let us hope this is a one off and the rest of the units are all OK and they offer to sort your (Chrisw) problems out fast.


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