Credit Card transactions now supports AME & JCB

It’s been serval months since we started to accept payment via Credit Card transactions, but only Master Card and Visa was supported. Considering there’s huge amount of people are holding Credit Cards from AME and JCB, we decided to add support to these two type of cards.

The reason why we added support to Credit Card transactions is because many people were having problem with PayPal, but we still think PayPal is the best way to pay your orders. in our store, you can not pay orders over 800 USD with your Credit Card (The payment gate company set this limit), but PayPal does not have this limit. Another reason we recommend you using PayPal is, if someone  wants to get refunded, (He paid though Credit Card) they have to wait at least 7 – 15 days to get money back, even longer.

Another note to American customers:

Due to the currency loss, extra fee will be charged from your card, the loss is around 1%. So it’s better to use PayPal when placing a big order.

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