Hi everyone, as mentioned in the previous post, four samples are now shipping to Japan. Two are going to Shigeru, and the others are for Akiba. Both of them are our partners in Japan. Below, the information may help you know more about the counter.


As you can see, the green PCB instead of the breadboard we used in the previous version is a circuit board for driving Geiger tube. 

It is powered by an external power supply system, and with the help of Arduino users can easily interpret the results through computers. Also, we found that the voltage plugged in the tube somehow influences the count we may get. Basically, the higher voltage we plugged in, the bigger count recorded. After comparison test, we figured out that the relatively accurate count can be gained at 430V.


According to the Department of Environmental Protection in China, the average radiation level in Shenzhen city was 108.9nGy/h on 11th April. In the same day, we recorded results from 99.1nGy/h to 124.0nGy/h according to our several models, which the average level was 111.5nGy/h. We got slightly higher result, but still can be reasonable. For more detail, you can check our garden website (http://garden.seeedstudio.com/index.php?title=Geiger_Counter).


Though components align with each other in time and space, they still are prototypes without serious calibrations, please use them for hobbyist or reference only. We will wait for the on-site validation and improve it. Then the initial 100 pcs pioneering manufacture batch will be assembled. Your inputs are highly appreciated!

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