Our PCB Service  (Fusion, Propaganda) has been running for more than 2 years, and It brings us great pride to facilitate more innovation around the world. To better assists designers, we will soon announce the revolutionary manufacturing service  Propagate,  we are pretty sure this will become a milestone in open hardware community.

Before we have Propagate, we decided to upgrade our prototype PCB service, in order to make your idea become product easier.


What’s updated to Fusion PCB service:

  1. Maximum PCB size up to 200mm X 200mm
  2. PCB thickness selectable from 0.8mm – 2.0mm
  3. Added option for Lead free /ENIG

Besides the upgrade, we now have improved pricing and more size options.

Here are some of the guidelines for Fusion PCB service:

1 The PCB maximum dimensions for each price bracket are just that, the maximum.  Your PCB design must be smaller than the dimensions of the service you select.

2 Your Gerber file must include only one design. NO PANELIZING, please.

3 The minimum number of PCBs in one order is 10.  If you want to order more than 10, input the higher number and there may be additional price reduction for ordering a larger quantity of the same design. Please check the different quantity option before placing the order.

Estimate shipping time:

If the file and design meets requirements, they will be processed and shipped in 4-6 days (Excluding the Chinese Festival).

For more info about fusion PCB service, please visit here

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