There are still some tickets AVAILABLE!!! (updated on 17th May, 2011) Don’t let yourself miss this great party.

Maker Faire is coming! Seeed Studio will be there in full-force.

It’s huge honor to attend Maker Faire as a sponsor. We’re going to present our stuffs and demonstrate cool things in our booth. Please stop by and say hi.


Need a ticket? We’ve got a deal for you! From now on, buy any product $25 or more and you can apply for the Adult Single Day tickets. Only as long as they last! We won’t know when they run out.


We definitely want to meet all of you there. However, we only get ~50 tickets for being a Maker Faire sponsor. So please make sure you are able to attend the event and if you don’t, please leave the opportunity to others.


The application is really simple. Just send an e-mail to this address ( with your order ID. We will reply you as soon as possible and the tickets will be sent out in PDF form.




  • Basically, an order of $25plus is able to apply ONE ticket, $50plus for TWO tickets, and $100 or more for FOUR tickets.


  • First come, first serve. The deal is starting after this post.


  • Each account can only apply once.


  • This is our first test, apologies all around if things get smashed or something goes wrong.


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