This week’s new product post is gonna to be a short one. Let’s see what products we have for the week.

We have a new accessory for the Grove products. Universal 4 Pin to X2 4 Pin cable will be very useful when you need to connect more than one I2C Twig to your Grove System. It’s great to see less cables applying into a project! Neat!


Finally, we got Digital probe for DSO Quad available. Thanks all for being patient through this process. For the coupon holders, you may apply the probe for free now.


We also have a new Twig unit. Chainable RGB LED Twig is based on P9813 chip which can drive a full-color light source LED and provide constant current and modulated output of 256 gray.


Another new Twig component that make your project more colorful! Twig – Variable Color LED consists of an 8mm RGB LED that can be operates at 5V DC. It also can be controlled by using pulse-width modulation. The color of the RGB LED can be changed through three adjustable resistors.

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