San Francisco is the most open and friendly city I have visited, even after I had driven over a pigeon, turned wrong way following GPS, and parked with a ticket… I admire that so many people enjoy their hobby and able turn it into a business here.

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Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 is no doubtly the largest Maker Faire of the world. It’s like a disneyland, filled with balloons, flags, robotics, full of joy and smiles, but here people make to enjoy, rather than enjoy the made. Differernt from any other conventions, everybody can exhibit their innovations, no straight suit but a maker’s hat.


It’s our first time setting up a booth there. All preparations need to be done remotely and ship to assemble in field. Luckily eveything is smooth and we can call it a satisfying show. Ian, our partner designer running came all the way from Netherland! Thanks so much for the great works~


The booth is always crowded by 2-3 layers, with heavy traffic coming back and forth.

RIMG_4322 IMG_4272

Google Booth, Seeeduino ADK got a last minute chance to join the display! We also got to meet Yuki from RT corporation riding Seeed Cruiser #1!




Hello Mitch! Nice cup for the great global hackerspace challenge!


Booth from Michael, “teach me to make” from basic everyday materials. 


CoolNeon, No. 1 LED/EL light man of the faire, objectively and seriously.


Last day raffle, sorry for blocking the way totally.


Left – Editor’s choice! Right – Our choice!

Seeed can’t make today without supports from partner designers, so does for Maker Faire! We finally met Ian, Jack, Al, James! It’s like a geat reunion, thank you so much for coming to join the booth! And thanks Cheng and Michael helping setup a Grove hacked marble run, which attracts heavy children traffic!

I must have missed a lot, check out DangerousPrototypes, Ian have a much better recording of things happening outside of our booth. :)

– to be continued: hakcerspace tour