We’ve shipped your DSO Quads

After long time waiting, finally we’ve processed all DSO Quad pre-orders. From now on the inventory QTY you saw on DSO Quad’s page is not virtual anymore, it means if you buy it now, you will get shipped within 2 business days!

We are very sorry for the delay on shipping, it was caused by some unexpected manufacturing issues. I remember the same thing happened to our DSO Nano V2 when it was just released, but after the growing pains everything became much more smoothy.

Btw, if you still did not get free digital probes for DSO Quad, you can get it by following below instruction: (Only available to limited users)


And please also upgrade your DSO Quad to the latest firmware if it’s running on sys 1.34


Thank you for purchasing from Seeed Studio and sorry again for all the inconvenience brought!

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3 thoughts on “We’ve shipped your DSO Quads

  1. I found a scratch below the screen protector in my DSO quad ordered a lot of time ago (from this delayed shipment I guess).


    Also the screen has several damaged points due pressure marks (can be seen in white images, at the DSO boot).

    I think it was assembled in a hurry because the plastic probably was scratched due a misplacement in the assembly, and the lcd was pressed (with the fingers?) over the pcb when it was soldered. (just guesses)

    I sent this information the last friday but nobody in Seeedstudio has answered…

  2. Very excited about this news 🙂 I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing my box design in the flesh! Not to mention trying out this product — it’s a great initiative. Well done Seeed Studios!

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