Hello again loyal SEEED blog readers. We just have one product this week, but there’s a big family behind this single member. Yes, it belongs to the Grove series. Up to date, the whole Grove family has 42 components, including 35 different twigs and sort of cables and connectors. You definitely can make something cool within this simply plug-and-play system. Also, you’re still able to contribute to improving the Grove series by voting here.



Ok, let’s back to this week’s new product. Twig – I2C Motor Driver uses an Atmel ATmega8L chip that communicates the I2C with microcontrollers such as Seeeduino and Arduino. It’s basically a dual channel H-bridge driver chip that each channel can handle up to 2A current. It can drive two brushed DC motors simultaneously in different speed and direction, or one 4-wire two-phase stepper motor.


BTW, we’re going to launch a contest aims to collect documentary tutorials about our upcoming Grove Bundle. The winner may get a $200 coupon from us. You may like to get used to playing with those twigs from now on or have a review on your previous projects related to the Grove products so that to increase the possibility to get the prize. More details about this contest will be released later, stay tuned眨眼

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