Let’s laser it!


Have you got any ideas what this big machine is? It’s new to Seeed Studio, and we are going to love it!


There’re pictures taken when it’s functioning.

DSC_2244              DSC_2249DSC_2250

The Chinese characters here mean “Be careful, laser!”


Yes, this lovely machine is a laser cutter. We can engrave and cut a wide variety of materials with pinpoint precision in this machine. We gave our first shot to making a transparent acrylic shell for the Rainbow Cube. Here’s the prototype so far.



We’re still working on improving the production engineering. The big machine needs do some warm-ups. When it is ready, you can also use it to make some fantastic things!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s laser it!

  1. You could have a combo where people buy PCB + stencil + project casing all from your store.

    I also suggest balsa wood and cardboard

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