Open source electronic ornament – Rainbow Cube

We used to selling the Rainbow Cube as parts and components. It’s good, but you need to have an experienced soldering skill, some spare time and patience (sort of) to put all those parts together and get the LEDs shine.



According to our calculation, it could take you not less than 4 hours to solder up all the pieces. It’s hard for those people who don’t know how to solder or don’t have time to do the repetitious work. However, now you have another option, the Rainbow Cube Assembled Kit is here for you!


Handmade. Open Source. Programmable. The Rainbow Cube is a perfect geek gift for the Christmas day. The kit includes an assembled Rainbow Cube encased in an acrylic box, a Rainbowduino v3.0, a power adaptor and a USB cable.



This is a new style of product for Seeed Studio, we want to create an open-source electronic ornament that is beautiful, ease of use and fun! All you need to do is to plug in the power supply, and the Cube will be fancy shining.



Many thanks to Riley Porter @Synthetos, for designing this beautiful Acylic box.

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