Thank you! Thank you!

With great blessing and best wishes, Seeed is going to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with our friends.


It’s been a great year! We’d like to thank our customers, you’re the best! As your always support and help, Seeed got growing and became better and better. We’d like to thank our cooperated designers for choosing us to actualize their dreams, they inspire us and help us to keep bringing amazing products alive. We’d like to thank our families and friends for supporting what we’re doing here, for understanding we may get busy and emotional, and for those big hugs when we’re home. We’d like to thank the open hardware community for always being generous to create, to make, and to share cool things. We’d like to thank our stakeholders for adding values into the process and delivering our products worldwide. We’d like to thank those people whom don’t know what open hardware is, you’re the reason why we need to keep posting and improving.



Of course, we’re preparing some deals to reward our customers. The details will be released later. Stay tuned!

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