New Product Post

Constant concern on our blog must make you notified about our brand new heavyweight player! Look! DSO Quad – Aluminum Alloy is walking towards us with its confident steps! Snap, snap! No photo permitted! No photo permitted! Oops! Take care of your camera~

Wondering exploring possibilities of DIY vending machines (food for your pets and toys for your kids?) and automatic fare collection systems, or something else? Check this NFC Smart Card Reader. It runs at 13.56MHz and supports couples of popular protocols. Help you realize your RFID projects. Find it helpful?  For detailed information, please click into the product website.

If you are an electronic addict, I bet there must be some breadboards adjacent to you!! Some of you complained about the shortage of jumper wire, so we added a totally beefed up package of jumper–Breadboard/Arduino jumper wire 75pcs pack. If this is not enough, hey, what are you actually working on?

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