B-Squares on sale for a limited time!

Are you preparing gifts for the upcoming Christmas? Traditional Christmas basket packed full of chocolates, biscuits, mince pies, a fine bottle of sparkling wine and of course a Christmas pudding! But, are those things really what you want? Why don’t you pick up a different thing for the special days, such as a little versatile square?


B-Squares, a new collection of 3D modular energy storage devices that can be arranged in various configurations, according to the kind of gadget you’re looking to juice. Developed by MIT grads Jordan McRae and Shawn Frayne, each B-Square has magnetic and electric contacts at each corner, making it easy to connect and arrange them in different formations. Rotating a single square will change its electrical circuit, depending on its adjacent connection. Some B-Squares, for example, feature LED surfaces, allowing you to create solar-powered lanterns, while others have solar panels, or simply serve as rechargeable battery sources. Now, you can get a special discount on those Squares, just for a limited time!

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