German impression of Shenzhen

As you know, Seeed Studio is a Chinese company, and some of you may get it further that recognize we are in the Shenzhen city. But what exactly this city looks like, it’s a kind of mystery.


Here’s a real story of a German traveler – Lech / 穆磊. He spent couple months in some other cities in China and moved to Shenzhen recently. Before the visiting, he had a “common” opinion of the city just like many foreigners did.


I expected an absolutely industrialized and work’o’holic city with a lot of big factories producing for the whole world, pollution everywhere and only stressed and unhappy people.


But, the actual experience is far different from his initial expectations, so he wrote it down as a travels. For those who want to know more about Seeed and the city it locates, this travels is a very good material. It’s quite a long one but has a logical structure, you may pick up some points interested to read.


The whole article here.


Outline of the article:

1. First Impression – talks about the main difference between Shenzhen and other Chinese cities.

2. Attractions – a list of famous attractions in Shenzhen.

3. Districts – talks about the district characteristic in terms of daily life, functioning and demography.

4. People – talks about people in Shenzhen.

The man here are looking more like man and the woman are looking more like woman.

5. Gathering people – talks about a hacker-space gathering in Shenzhen.

6. The City – to explain the city from two popular saying about Shenzhen:

1. “One highrise a day and one boulevard every three days.” and
2. “If Shenzhen sneezes, the electronic world will get a cold.”

7. Shanzhai – talks about “copycat” and “pirate” phenomenon and a discussion.

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