Materials for 3D Printing in Stock Soon!

Open source community is truly making our world a better place.  When I saw the video about Emma’s 3D printed “Magic Arms”, I was deeply touched and truly convinced that 3-D printing is no doubt an evangelical application, which changes people’s lives.

3D printing has been playing a more and more important role in people’s lives.  As an open hardware facilitation company, Seeed has always tried to make the application of 3D printing more accessible.  For example, we’ve introduced MakerBot Replicator from Makerbot Industries.

However, the high price of the materials has kind of hindered the application of 3D printing. To solve this problem, we’ve also tried our best to look for materials of high quality and reasonable price from Chinese market.

After elaborative investigation, we’ve found very good quality ABS and PLA, whose supplier is a leading company of China’s 3D printing manufacturer.  The products are of great quality and in best price.


ABS and PLA will be in stock soon.  I can’t wait to see more conveniences, changes and awesomeness created by 3D printing.  When you 3D-print cool stuff, don’t forget to share with us:)

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