New Version of Grove Starter Kit

Grove Starter Kit has been many people’s favorite kit to start the journey of electronic engineering.  And we never stop our steps in improving its functionality as well as the package to make it more multifunctional and user-friendly.


The new version of Grove Starter Kit has a brand-new package. All the components are packed in a transparent green plastic box, which is much more beautiful, fun and much cooler. There are cute stickers for different components as well.


GROVE family is made up of different functional modules, which share the same interface, allowing connection with other shields/boards by plug-n-play and free you from the trouble of soldering. To help you better experience the fun of electronics, more functional parts are added to the components. Oh, this kit also includes a Grove Guide Book, which makes the process of learning much simpler.


 There are many other surprises for you to dig out about the Grove family. The strengthened version of Grove Starter Kit is named “Grove Starter Kit Plus”, and it will be released soon. Stay tuned^^

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