Our dear friend RobotGrrl Erin has been building RoboBrrd, which is is a robotic bird character that has an entertaining personality! When you build a RoboBrrd, you get hands-on experience of mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, and add a dash of your own creativity.

RoboBrrd was the winner of Maker Faire Educator’s Choice 2012!

 It inpires people to build robots by themselves!

 RoboBrrd is on Indiegogo! Check it out and provide your support to this great project!

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9 thoughts on “RoboBrrd!!!

  1. nosk- Using balloons is an interesting idea. I’m not sure how well it would hold up at a Maker Faire though with all the kids playing with it. You should try it though, it sounds interesting 😀

  2. RobotGrrl-How about this,find something like balloon cover the whole body,somewhere important place use glue to fix,like skin,no more gap,then the bird may more vivid~ Personal opinion~

  3. nosk- Yeah. I usually just add felt on the sides so that you don’t notice the part that is open. It’s really up to the imagination of the maker what they want to do! 😀

  4. RobotGrrl:

    Hey commenter #1!
    That’s a pretty cool idea to use some clay, I’ve never thought of that before!
    Clay would stick pretty good to RoboBrrd’s wood material too, so it would be a great experiment.
    Cotton could be used to make a chubby Brrdy! Haha
    There can definitely be many many many versions of RoboBrrd! I’m pretty psyched to see what everyone will come up with!
    Thanks for the comment!

    nice birds~can the birds flap their wings?

  5. Name (required):

    If use some soft touch material be shell,like color clay or cotton,the bird will more lovely. I think~

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions:) We will convey it to RobotGrrl^^ As long as this project is successfully funded, there will surely be many more versions of RoboBrrd:) Imagination is unlimited, and you will be surprised;)

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