Since Open Hardware has become increasingly popular, more people are joining this community. Of course, more women are also taking part in Open Hardware activities, which can be seen from Adafruit and LittleBits. We do hope to enlarge the open hardware community by attracting more lady makers to take part in:)

To make Open Hardware more accessible to people of different backgrounds, we’ve been trying to make Open Hardware more fun and aesthetic. We would love to show the awesomeness in the combination of arts and technology.

After a long time of design, redesign, development and redevelopment, we’ve finally got this fancy little thing in our hand. Let’s have a closer look at it! It’s the female version Seeeduino. YAY!!

Oh, right, this little cute thing doesn’t have a special name yet. Do you have any idea about giving it a suitable name? Welcome to leave your comments below or send emails to

Curious about the skillful hand behind this little board? Actually you’ve already known the designer. She designed our special version Seeed T-shirt. She is Popil, a renowned independent cross-media illustrator. She is skillful at drawing, mixing different techniques and using different colors to create multiple designs and characters.

This prototype is Arduino compatible, and we will have Arduino Leonardo compatible when we launch it to the market.

As you can see from the pictures, this female version Seeeduino has the shape of a cute little girl. In the long run we will develop a series of products based on this board, such as basic kits, wearable electronic components and so on. The female version Seeeduino is just the first step of our cooperated projects with designers and artists. We will explore more in this path, to cooperate with musicians, photographers and so forth. You will see some more cute products, which is not only fully-functional but also full of artistic elements. Stay tuned!

Just a warm reminder about the naming of the female Seeeduino, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments here. We will give some a special gift to the commenter whose name is adopted;)

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