E-ink technology has been applied to many cool products, such as Kindle. The great characteristics of e-ink include: super-low power consumption; clear display even in power-off state; wide viewing angle and so forth, which make e-ink more and more popular.


In June, 2012, Denis made a wish on Seeed Wish Platform about “affordable E-Ink display shields for Arduino”. The good news is that this wish has gone into the stage of “in production”, and E-ink Shield will be available on Seeed Bazaar soon. Stay tuned!

You must also have other cool ideas about taking advantage of e-ink technology. We still have several e-ink displays of different dimensions; let’s have a quick look at them first.

E-ink displays

You can see the clear display here. Oh, right, this one is even bendable, allowing for more possibilities.

bendable e-ink display

Are you having any projects that need the e-ink technology? Are you in want of any e-ink product that is not available for purchase yet?

Have any wish about e-ink? Welcome to sow the seeds of wish on our Wish platform and you might be surprised to see it become a reality!