Arduino Phone V2.0

Arduino Phone

Here at Seeed Studio, we keep providing a lot of cool gadgets to the community. Besides, we also try to provide some application ideas with detailed information as reference, so that it’ll be easier for you to make your own projects.

This time, we released the details of our Arduino Phone project. And we brought to you the Arduino Phone Design & Development Innovation Competition.

Arduino Phone Competion

The registration has ended. And during the application time frame, we sent many invitations to makers, and up to July 29th, 2013 (Beijing Time), there were two participants: one is Jorge Montero from Spain and the other is El Wali from Morocco.

We’ve sent the above two participants the 30% discount coupon code for them to shop the corresponding products from Seeed’s online shop.

Now, they’ve been getting busy with the work! We’ll check about the progress with them on every Monday. Let’s stay tuned for the moment to reveal the mysterious Arduino Phone 2.0!

If you missed this activity, don’t be frustrated. We’ll have many other similar activities, welcome to join us next time!

Enjoy making!

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  1. Hi Pekka, thanks for asking. I’ll ask my colleague who is in charge of this activity and then give you feedback later:-)


    Just out of curiosity; What’s up with these projects?

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