Great news! Seeed is helping manufacture BlinkyTape. If you do not know BlinkTape yet, it’s a flexible and portable LED strip with 60 pixels and integrated BlinkyBoard USB-programmable light processor.


BlinkyTape has got 533% funded from Kickstarter! And we’ve just cooperated with the BlinkyTape Team to put this cool project into production. The services Seeed provides include components sourcing, PCB manufacturing and PCBA etc.

Thanks to the crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, makers can find a much easier way to get funds for their projects. However, putting the prototype into production might be a vexed problem for many makers.


Seeed is very professional and experienced in productization, facilitating makers’ dreams. We’ve successfully put hundreds of projects into production. The services we provide including DFM, sourcing, PCB manufacturing, PCBA, packaging, drop-shipping and selling etc.

Seeed would like to build ladder (or elevator, lol) for your projects to ascend from prototypes into production. If you are interested, welcome to contact us for more information of this kind of cooperation!

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