Spark Core Completing Shipment

Here comes a piece of great news for backers of Spark Core. We’ve finished the shipping work of all the rest Spark Core rewards, and the packages are currently on the way to your doorstep.


This cooperation with Spark Core includes 5276 packages, of 69 different kinds, involving the use of 11 kinds of materials. We’ll provide tracking number for every single package shipped, stay tuned! Hope you’ll get the packages soon. Happy New Year!

Welcome to get more info about Seeed’s drop-shipping service from this blog.

4 thoughts on “Spark Core Completing Shipment

    • @mdma Thanks for asking. All Spark Core orders (including kickstarter and Pre-order on Seeed Bazaar) have been shipped:-)

    • @mdma Hey Matthew, your order 93683 has been shipped. And if you haven’t got the tracking number yet, here it comes: RF194562549SG ;-) If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us :-)

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