Mini Vacuum Forming Machine

Hey guys, do you know how to make vacuum-formed packaging? It adopts vacuum to turn the heated plastic into the package according to the product shape. The package protects and beautifies your product.

The engineers here at Seeed would like to design & test a vacuum-formed packaging, but the traditional method of manufacturing is only for mass production of thousands instead of applicable to testing a few samples. A finished machine is not only too costly but also too bulky. In this case, the engineers are brewing an idea of DIY a mini vacuum forming machine, which is perfect to be used in labs.

At the beginning, they used some Seeed modules to build a simple testing model.

Vacuum Foaming Machine

Vacuum Foaming Machine 1 Vacuum Foaming Machine4

The outcome of this little testing greatly inspired the desire of making within the engineers. They couldn’t wait to start design the whole machine.

Vacuum Foaming Machine 3


Among the modules used, some of them are standard parts purchased from the market, and the controlling parts can be found at Seeed, including the followings: Seeeduino V3.0Seeeduino MegaHercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor ControllerGrove – I2C Motor DriverGrove – Solid State Relay, Grove – High Temperature Sensor (available soon 🙂 ), Relay Shield V2.0, 2.8” TFT Touch Shield V2.0Base Shield V1.3, 27.5mm Arcade Game Push Button – Pink and Grove – Buzzer.

2 3

Finally here comes the time of assembly and debugging.


And voila: this is the ultimate result!


Enjoy making 😀

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