Xadow is designed for wearable electronics, and a typical application is wristband. My first understanding is that as wearable electronics, Xadow has special requirements for its enclosure: 1st, flexible & bendable as a band; 2nd, prevent damage of pulling force; 3rd, convenient to change PCB and for wearing. To solve the problem of bending, we try fastening PCB onto a soft belt. To avoid PCB & FFC from the damage of pulling force, the material of soft belt need to have a very high elasticity.

The following 4 sketches show the thoughts:


nylon tape + Magic Tape


silicon tape + PVC + buckle


chainable plastic cases


Nylon tape + clips

The soft band in the sketch above is nylon tape. There are magic tapes on the nylon tape and at the back of PCB. Use magic tape and the lower nylon tape to fasten PCB, and use clips to fasten the upper and lower tapes. On the one hand, the simple structure makes it easy to change and assemble PCB; on the other hand, the materials are very common in daily life, and the process is not complicated either. However, the downside is that the upper tape and lower tape couldn’t be synched in bending. Besides, different sizes of PCB make the appearance unsmooth, lack of esthetics. In order to synch the upper and lower bands in bending, we use screws to fasten the bands.


Sketch: Nylon Tape + Screws


Effect drawing- Nylon tape + screws

The pictures above use nylon tapes and screws to fasten the upper & lower tape as well as PCB. However, it still couldn’t synch the upper and lower band in bending. Besides, the large number of screws makes it quite messy. That’s why we stop going in this direction.

to be continued…

written by nosk, translated by violet

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