A Smart Watch?

The epoch of smart wearables has come, along with the emerging of various wearable devices, especially smart watches. However, I’d like to show my maker spirit by building a smart watch, aka Xadow Watch. As to the functions of this Xadow Watch, I have been thinking for a long time before reaching this decision: do not confine the function; make it easier to change the functions to meet different requirements. Without restraints, there will be infinite possibilities. Thus here comes Xadow Watch!


To make a wearable demo of small form factor and with rich functions, the first idea occurred to me is Xadow. No more explanations here (What is Xadow?). Then I need to consider the sizes of Xadow and wristband. The combination of 4 modules and a battery is great. Actually I’d like to add more modules, but my wrist isn’t that big:) Let’s make it simple with the following functions: display time, show the time according to gestures and hourly chime.


Let’s see what modules to choose. The controller Xadow – Main Board is a must. To display time, we need Xadow – OLED. As to control with gesture, Xadow – 3-Axies Accelerometer is a good choice. And to chime, we’d better use Xadow – Vibration Motor (Sounds will annoy your neighbors, and vibration won’t 🙂 ) As a conclusion, Xadow Watch has the following functions:

  • Display of time
  • Set time via buttons
  • Simple gesture to wake up the system
  • Hourly vibration as reminder

Xadow Watch

You might be thinking this smart watch is not that smart. I agree! But this is just the starting point; you’ll surely have better ideas and can come up with a much smarter watch or some other wearable projects! Let’s come & make, don’t waste your time just thinking!

Enjoy making!

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