Sneak Peak: a variety of materials for Cricut


Recently we unbox Cricut and tried the paper attached. We cut some sample project in Cricut Design Space.



It’s weird… It should be in this way as the author cuts:

It takes lots of time and money to buy Cricut official materials, we have to find way source the paper/cardstock to create. We think you might be interested in it, we showed some of the materials we are sourcing, they have to be:

  • good to go with Cricut: the paper have to be stick to the mat, it’s not good too tight or too loose. I tried the average 300g A4, it’s no good.
  • cheap, too expensive on Cricut
  • options: from 180g to 350g, from white to rainbow colors, even iron on

you can comment if you like the cardstocks:

color paper

color paper2


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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: a variety of materials for Cricut

  1. Could you maybe source a plastic one that’s good for solder paste stencils? 😀


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