Xadow fresh out of the oven, take a bite!


Hot summer is coming to Shenzhen, Hot new Xadow module is about to meet you! Be patient, it’s still up to you how you play with it. Comment if you have any ideas!

With more input devices for Xadow, we synchronously putting the embedded system, wearable design, prototyping design, open source solution on one platform, to define a new era of digital fashion solving the daily uncomfortable with wearable devices.

Xadow – Button


Xadow – Keyboard


Xadow – rotary angle sensor


As a new trend in the field of Wearable Design, variety of input methods we never thought before are being invented. We need to break down the boundaries between
hardware, software, industrial design, media design, and consumer experience.

Xadow Watch

Featured Product //

Xadow is a set of kits which contains several modules, such as Xadow Main Board, Xadow LED, Xadow OLED, Xadow BLE Slave and Xadow barometer etc. It is sensitive and smart, and easy to cascade connection with fine-augmentability. It acts:

  • A hardware template being slim and wearable
  • An open source solution for reference and field use
  • A portal between prototype and production

What is an Input device//

Here’s a typical von Neumann architecture, which consists of an arithmetic logic unit and processor registers, a control unit, a memory to store both data andinstructions, and input and output mechanisms.

von Neumann architecture


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