New Recipe – KOF HIGH LIGHT with #Xadow



We got the idea from KOF 97 – IORI YAGAMI

Imaging you are playing tennis, you wear a special bracelet and are swinging your tennis racket. when you swing fastly, your bracelet lights at the same time. And the more strenth you swing,the higher brightness your bracelet will be. Is that pretty cool? A bracelet that can be activated by high speed movement. Do you want one? Here I will introduce you how to make one by yourself ?It is very simple,and only need few hardwares .you connect your hardwares,upload the software ,and then a fun​y bracelet belong to you is in your hand. Now let’s begin our journey of creating.

high light recipe

Follow the guide to create one with Xadow

Featured Product //

Xadow Grove Adaptor

Xadow is a set of kits which contains several modules, such as Xadow Main Board, Xadow LED, Xadow OLED, Xadow BLE Slave and Xadow barometer etc. It is sensitive and smart, and easy to cascade connection with fine-augmentability.


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