High Tour <3 Shenzhen (Japan Mix, Day 2)

We make a tour around the electronic market (aka huaqiangbei, 华强北) today.

The tour is divided to two parts:

  • experience the market
  • a visit to Haxlr8r


Are you curious about Shanzhai 3G cellphone – the legend of iphone 6? Here’s a place to look at variety of phones besides the common iphone and samsung ones.

One interesting thing about things in Huaqiangbei is that things are usually in two status

  • too plain
  • too much decorations



Those SD cards, USB storages, are placed without package (which doesn’t matter), you can choose the storage from 2G –  64G, the provider. Tough it’s cheap we suggest you check your cards with mydisktest.

WP_20140807_004 WP_20140807_005 WP_20140807_006

Cellphones, USB storage, Power bank with different shapes, from the latest cartoon characters to cigarette box, sometimes Ferrari race cars. The storage of USB are customizable.



SEG is the historical building in this area, it was build in 1988, long before this place is called “Huaqiangbei” in 1996. SEG presents Huaqiangbei and stands still during the fast changing ages. Now lots of new emerging markets are along with the Huaqiang Road, each of them focus a kind of product, such as Huaqiangbei Track Center focusing on LED trade market.


Huaqiang Electronic Market is opposite to “SEG” , the LED trade center is on the 5th and 6th floor.

WP_20140807_028 WP_20140807_029

On the way we found  some segway-like solo wheel gadget, which costs about 1200 rmb (200 usd). The owner says it can run about 18km depending on the road and your weight, then you should recharge it.

Haxlr8r inside


Since Haxlr8r is quite near here, Benjamin Joffe made a speech on start up.


Startup checklist helps you go trough the difficulties making products.

Tips & Tricks


On the 5th floor of the Huaqiang Electronic Market , there’s a large area place you can take a rest and have lunch.


SED, which is not  Seeed 🙂


photograph by FollowMyJump

IMG_7545 IMG_7546 IMG_7547 IMG_7549 IMG_7550 IMG_7563 IMG_7607


Seeed offer products and services to global makers, as well as providing a way introducing Industry Resources of Shenzhen, helping you make your product available worldwide.

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