Delayed: Beta Program of DSO Touch

snail delay

A few changes on hardware cause a delay in the program, here’s the latest plan

  • Beta 1st: 2 pcs of DSO Touch, late Aug
  • Beta 2nd: 10 pcs of DSO Touch, late Sep
  • Beta 3rd: 10 pcs for media, mid Oct
  • Pre Order: 50-100pcs, Nov
  • Firmware Preview: Oct
  • App Beta 1.0: Nov

The good news is we can get 10 more sample by the end of this month, media are welcome to apply for this. The announce of the 2nd tester list will be announce in next week.


  • 0905, software upgrade to beta 0.6

BTW, we receive the review by jpa

Overall, I think this will be fine as a DSO Nano upgrade. It brings it to a usable range for some small debug work and as a beginner scope. The aluminum case is very good looking, the user interface is ok, and the probes seem to be good also. Two channels and a wave out is also enough for most purposes. I hope the pricing stays in the sub-100 USD range of the DSO Nano.

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