Thinking in Skeleton: laser-drilled micro-holes


The story begins with Shine.


When we got misfit shine the first time, we are shocked to see the 1,560 laser-drilled holes on the surface to allow the light from the LEDs through but still keep the water out.


BTW, this is not a new invented process, if you look at your front of mac pro, you will find the breathing led with micro holes. This is often used on high-end products:

  • the holes are barely seem by eyes
  • lights through, but water out

We tries to make our own micro holes logo


Back view of Misfit Shine.


front view


back view


lights through


water out.

We find the suppliers and conclude the basic facts for design

  • a thin layer of coating after laser drilling for dustproof
  • a thickness of 0.2mm is preferred
  • in theory all metal can be drilled, aluminium is preferred since its machinability
  • aperture: 0.01mm
  • hole distance: 0.15mm
  • 100- 150 holes/mins

Here’s how we designed our classic seeed flower


If you are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to get small holes on your products, seeed is right for you. We discovery, understand and adopt different kind of new processes and technologies.

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