A year ago we found out an online 3D Gerber Viewer which is created by Mayhew labs. We thought that is really cool and decided to see if can also make it for Fusion PCB.

But at that time only several programmers in Seeed and they were working on other stuff. The developing Plan was suspended.



Later someone suggested that Seeed should add a PCB view. We did not see so many people come and vote for it. Nearly 100 votes which is highest in Seeed Idea.

And thank you for that, we upgraded the priority and set up a team to realize it.

Now as you can see, we just launched Gerber viewer function.

After you upload your Gerber file, you can click the bottom “Gerber Viewer” under the “Add to Cart”


In a few seconds, you can see your lovely board!


You can see the front, the back, also each layers separately. Awesome!

Using Fusion PCB, you always know what you’re gonna get. LOL

Check it out for PCB fabrication

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